I remember that I have ever made a promise to post my idea in this blog fully in English, it was written on my blog “Perjalanan Itu-The Journey. I think, now is the time. The time for me to prove that I am a man who always keeps promises. It may describe by one word, HONEST. Wait a second…..! do I really an honest guy? I doubt it……. Just forget it. Let they make their opinion about me. Whatever they will say, it won’t affect me. (are you sure?) well…. May be a little bit. If they tell me that I’m kindda a nice, or an honest, bla…bla.. guy, it will make my cheek reddish, LOL. (What about if they say that you a scumbag guy?) that’s okay. They say what they are thinking or maybe they never think before talking, whatever I don’t care. (and if they say that you are more handsome than Brad Pitt?) wow…..! wait, wait, I must make it clear. Me, is more handsome than Brad Pitt??? Let me think again, ummmmmmm why they say that. Let me think again…………. Oooooh I know they must be trying to curry a favor on me, what do they expect on me? Nothing, so……….. oh sh*t! it is kinnda a vilification. It really hurts my heart. Somebody should mend this broken heart….

Well, so far I’ve made a paragraph full in English, word by word, none in Bahasa moreover in Baso Minang. Well I think it quiet enough for keeping the promise. today I’ve made a paragraph, tomorrow can be any paragraphs or someday can be chapters of book. So I do need a positive comments to encourage me. Any comments actually are accepted.


  • Good Guy: Good job bro! keep trying.
  • THE HATER: What?!! it is Suck! look at line 2 paragraph 1, there are 2 unidentified words. fully english he said?!!! I can’t talk.
  • Me: yeah…. I know………….
  • Good Guy: hey man, sometime we must ignore people surround us. I have a story about a Lucky Monkey, but before the monkey thought he was the most unlucky lonesome monkey in universe.

    One day while sitting near a canyon, he looks around…

    There is an Happy Family, while he has none

    His neighbor always has a proper and good food

    Sometime he is dreaming that he is savor a sweet candy

    He has a famous friend who has a big fan

    and his friend also has a secret admire

    and even his friend has ever been given a bl**j*b by his friend secret admire

    he thinks that God Must be crazy and hate him, he doesn’t want to life in this world anymore. he plans to suicide.

    he climbs the highest tree in his place. he wants to end his life by jumping from the tree. but he is not brave enough doing that.

    One day, he finds something. “it Must be a poison” he yelled. “this can be good way to end this misery”

    He doesn’t realize what he is drinking. it is a fanta. that drink cheers him up. he feel FANTAstic and forget that he planed a suicide. He continues his life by ignoring his neighborhood. And he was wrong, God actually loves him.

  • The Hater: What is the point?

    Well in our life there are good guys and also there are the haters. so you must wise to listen their opinions about you.

    Good Luck…………


    ~ by dentjikoen on 29/09/2012.

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